Celebrate your EnerJoy in Silverthorne!

On a chilly day this past December, Ned and I had the pleasure of having lunch with Harold Linke, the sculptor who created the beautiful EnerJoy Monumental Trio that adorns the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center entrance.  This trio has been on loan to the Town of Silverthorne for the past 4 years.  In those 4 years, these three sculptures have become the centerpiece of Silverthorne’s budding downtown and a source of community pride.  The Town has now decided to make them a permanent fixture and is raising the funds to acquire this collection.

Ned & I both have a deep passion for the arts and as some of you know, Ned is a sculptor himself.  Meeting Harold and listening to him describe his inspiration for this trio and the creation process was a truly incredible experience.  So much so, that we decided that Nelson Walley Real Estate should help keep these sculptures in Silverthorne and have sponsored the Town’s fundraising appeal at the “Artist” level.

The total amount being raised is $90,000 and they are hoping to raise $10,000 from smaller community donations.  If you feel so inclined, we encourage you to make a donation of any amount – whether it is $1, $75, or $1,000.  You can make your donation here:  https://www.silverthorne.org/discover-silverthorne/public-art/an-artful-appeal

What fascinated me the most about these sculptures was Harold’s inspiration behind each piece.  The sculptures represent the Opening Rush, the Performance Euphoria, and the Closing Gratitude.  He explained it to us as the flow of energy from the beginning moment on stage when the artist grabs your attention (“Opening Rush” - the dancer who is on pointe and reaching tall),  to the point where the performance flows from the universe to our souls (“Performance Euphoria” – the dancer arching back and welcoming your thoughts and emotions) to finally the triumphant bow (“Closing Gratitude” – the dancer bowing to the audience).  To listen and watch the sculptor describe this energy….the emotions….had me on edge.  It truly made the sculptures come alive to me.

We are proud of our little Town of Silverthorne and how it is growing up to be a true home for the arts.  Please consider making any size donation to help keep the EnerJoy Monumental Trio as the centerpiece of Silverthorne’s downtown community.


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