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When listing your house, one of your top goals will likely be to get the house sold for the best price possible. In many cases, it’s the little things that make a big impact. Nelson Walley Real Estate provides you with a staging consultation and assistance in prepping your home to sell. But, to get you started, here are some small projects you can do to make sure your house is in tip-top shape when you’re ready to sell.

Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

Give your entry a facelift. Try a fresh coat of paint or a new front door.
Outdoor appearance. We live at altitude and many sellers do not even have yards, but you can help the appearance of your home by clearing out any weeds and debris from around your property. In the winter, make sure that there is a clear path to your front door and in the summer consider having flowering potted plants to provide color.
Make sure all exterior lights work. Replace outdoor light bulbs.
Wash all windows (inside and out). Don’t let dirty windows take away from a great view.
Clean out your garage. Consider getting a storage unit to remove any non-essential items you want to keep.
Replace a worn-out welcome mat. Welcome buyers with a fresh step into your house.
Paint or replace the street numbers on your house. Make them more visible to potential buyers.
Power wash outdoor surfaces. Give them a ‘like new’ feeling (ex: siding, sidewalks, driveway).

Tips to Make Your House Look Like Home to Buyers

​​​​​​​● Clean everything. A clean house will allow buyers to picture themselves in the space and not be distracted.
Give every room a purpose. Even if you used it as a bonus room, clear room identity helps buyers visualize.
Let the light in. Bright rooms feel warm and inviting; dark rooms can feel small and gloomy.
Fix anything that’s broken. Buyers will notice and may offer less for your house if repairs are required.
Declutter your house. Thinning out your closets and pantry will show how much room is available.
Update paint and floors. These are things you can update to sell your house faster and for more money.
Organize the kitchen. Pack away any non-essentials or small appliances and clean all the surfaces.
Clean up. Empty all trash bins and hide any dirty laundry.
● Fix the doors. Fix any squeaks or creaks on interior and exterior doors.
Replace light bulbs with new ones. Make sure all the switches work properly in your house.


We cherish the relationships we make in helping our clients realize their goals. Whether buying or selling a home your best interest is our top priority.

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