Selling your house with Today’s Technology

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In a survey by, people thinking about selling their houses today indicated they’re generally willing to allow their agent and some potential buyers inside if done under the right conditions. They’re less comfortable, however, hosting an open house. This is understandable, given the health concerns our country is facing this year. The question is, if you need to sell your house now, what virtual practices should you use to make sure you, your family, and potential buyers stay safe throughout the process?

​​​​​​​Working with Nelson Walley Real Estate who is skilled with today’s changing virtual practices may help you win big. While always abiding by state and county regulations, we know exactly what today’s buyers need, and how to put the necessary digital steps in place. For example, according to the same survey, when asked to select what technology would be most helpful when deciding on a new home, here’s what today’s homebuyers said, in order of preference:

• Virtual tour of the home
• Accurate and detailed listing information
• Detailed neighborhood information
• High-quality listing photos
In this era of life, things are shifting quickly, and virtual seller strategies may be a game- changing option for you. Let’s connect so you can safely and effectively navigate through all that’s evolving when it comes to making your next move.


We cherish the relationships we make in helping our clients realize their goals. Whether buying or selling a home your best interest is our top priority.

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