Summit County Colorado Real Estate Market Update

Debbie Nelson


As we near the end of 2023, one thing stands out in the Summit County real estate market:  We are definitely back to pre-Covid buying patterns.  From 2020 through first quarter 2022, there wasn't an "ideal" time to list a property.  We were so low on inventory that as soon as a property came on the market, there was a buyer frenzy and most of the time a seller would receive multiple offers regardless of the time of year.  With rising interest rates combined with the inability to short-term rent in many areas of the County, the frenzy slowed down and buyers have become more selective and much more patient.

Our inventory of residential properties for sale peaks in July and August of each year.  While there are some people who shop for their mountain retreat throughout the year, the majority of buyers wait until the summer.  The exceptions to that are condos around the ski resorts in Copper, Breckenridge & Keystone.  These properties tend to see buyer-interest even through the winter months.

Homeowners located in Silverthorne, Dillon, Frisco, and the neighborhood areas of Breckenridge will usually find it in their best interest to wait until late spring/early summer to list their property for sale.  However, if you think you might want to sell in 2024, NOW is the time to reach out to your Summit County real estate advisor to discuss projects that can be done over the winter months to prepare your home for sale.  At Nelson Walley Real Estate, we provide our potential sellers with a Comparative Market Analysis as well as a project/staging list so that you can be prepared when it is time for pictures and time to go active on the market.

While our inventory numbers have increased from 2021 and early 2022, we are still lower than the years leading up to Covid.  This graph shows monthly inventory since 2015 and as you can see, our inventory levels are remaining below the 5 years prior to the Covid wildness.  

The bottom line is this:  The Summit County housing market is still very strong.  There are areas that are seeing price decreases, but that is primarily due to the short-term rental regulations that the County and some of the towns have implemented.  However, most areas remain strong.  Start preparing NOW to sell your home this summer.  Call us today to find out what your home is worth.


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