The American Dream Series

Tyler Nelson


The American Dream Series 

First Time Home Ownership!

The American Dream. Different for everybody, and some say no longer achievable. However, when it comes to real estate, it couldn’t be more alive! Homeownership in this country offers wealth building opportunities not available to many around the world.

But how do you get started? What do you need to do to get your foot in the door to begin your wealth journey? These are questions that worry many, and often prevent them from taking the leap into the real estate market. As a first time home buyer, learning what to be prepared for leading up to, during, and after the purchase of your first property can help alleviate many of these uncertainties.

The home-buying process starts long before you sign the papers at closing. Starting at the beginning, we will walk you through all the main points of home buying, with a new step each post. The first step of the process is determining if you are ready to buy a home. Financial and personal decisions all play into this investment decision. Are you prepared with a down payment, ready for closing costs, have savings prepared to cover any unforeseen expenses? Are you purchasing alone? Are you and a significant other purchasing together? Are you set in the area you are looking to purchase, or is life changing fast enough you might be in a new city or state sooner than you think. These are all questions that must be answered personally, and no amount of real estate professional help can make that decision for you.

A difficult hurdle many have to leap is determining the perfect time to purchase. No matter what the market is doing, the best time to purchase a home is the time you feel ready and comfortable to make the decision, and when it meets both your financial and personal goals.

So, you’ve prepared financially, readied yourself for unforeseen circumstances, are committed to an area, and are comfortable moving forward with one of the largest investments of your life. 

Now your question is, What's next?...

Stay tuned for more from Tyler Nelson or reach out to him and find out more about the Home Buying Process now!

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